offence */*/*/

offence */*/*/
UK [əˈfens] / US noun
Word forms "offence":
singular offence plural offences
1) [countable] a crime or illegal activity for which there is a punishment

motoring/firearms/public order offences

criminal offence:

Killing these animals is a criminal offence.

minor offence:

minor offences such as vandalism

commit an offence:

She had committed no offence under military law.

convict someone of an offence:

Walker was convicted of a similar offence in 1997.

first/second etc offence:

The usual fine is £15 to £100 for a first offence.

be charged with an offence:

Those arrested have been charged with public order offences.

Adjectives frequently used with offence
▪  arrestable, bookable, criminal, imprisonable, indictable, lesser, minor, punishable, serious, trivial
2) [uncountable] the feeling of being angry, upset, or insulted, caused by something that someone says or does
cause/give offence:

complaints about advertisements that cause offence

3) [countable] something that makes you feel angry and upset because it is insulting, unfair, or morally wrong
offence to:

a building that is an offence to good taste

4) [uncountable] formal the process of attacking someone or something

weapons of offence

take offence (at something) — to feel angry and upset because of something that someone has said or done

I'm not surprised she took offence at his remarks.

English dictionary. 2014.

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